How to manage different types of Event Photography in Dubai & Kuwait ?

By Musthafa E. Khumanpur
Head Photographer

Capturing your special moments is mandatory for all events. When you’re participating in personal or professional events, many look for professional photographers to capture photos. While the event photographers in Dubai cover all personal and professional events, it is best to understand the different types of event photography. Let us try to understand all about the event photography types.

What is event photography?

Event photography captures the best moments in any event and is handled by a professional photographer only. There can be multiple reasons to go for event photographers in Dubai- the professional clicks and multiple benefits, being a top reason. Let us try to understand the different types of event photography.

Main types of headshot photography:

Conference Event: All types of conferences irrespective of the size.

Trade Show Event: Different trade shows like Auto Expos, technological Expos, etc.

Fashion Exhibition Event: Different fashion shows, new creations, etc.

Sports & Recreational Event: Inauguration events, closing ceremonies, friendly matches, etc.

University Alumni Event: Alumni meet, etc.

Other corporate photography related photography

What to look for in the Professional Event Photographers in Dubai?

If you’re looking for the top event photographers in Dubai, it is crucial to note the following points before starting your search. The key points to consider while partnering with an event photographer are:

• Purpose of the event photography:

The goal of the event photography should be clear to the organizer and the same should be conveyed to the photographer well advance in time. This not only ensures quality clicks but confirms that all clicks are well prepared for the purpose of the photography. Whether the clicks are projected to be a part of the marketing campaign or will stay in the brochure, the clarity in purpose further reduces conflicts and ensures quality photographs.

• Number of guests:

The details about the total guests help event photographers in Dubai handle the event properly to cover every important person in the event. It helps them come prepared with all necessary equipment and other things that are useful in covering the event properly. A large number of guests may require headshots using drones or other techniques while the camera works well on podiums. Thus, it is crucial for the organizers to have a detailed list of the confirmed guests and share it with the event photographers.

• Photography Requirements:

The other crucial thing for the event photographers in Dubai is to understand the other requirements of the event. These requirements can be the special coverage of certain parts of the events for specific purposes. It not only ensures the best professional partnership with the event photographers but ensures that all possible requirements are successfully met. Not to miss is that the photographer has to prepare according to the event requirements.

• Photo booth for guests:

The modern events that are crucial for any business are trending with the photo booths for guests. This photo booth work as a memory for the different guests. Thus, arranging a photo booth with certain props or themes of the event is loved by the guests. The event photographers thus prepare for these photo booths for facilitating the special moments for different guests. Thus, depending on the requirements or the details of the event, many event photographers provide these types of dedicated photo-booths.

• Special VIP guests:

VIP guests are the show-stoppers in any event. Thus, it is crucial to know about the details of these special VIP guests. The event photographers not only have to cover these guests but have to ensure their best clicks for them only. The special events may also require dedicated arrangements for the VIP guests along with managing the other guests with utmost comfort.

• Instant photo print for guests:

The instant photo print for guests is ideal for creating some of the nostalgic moments in the event. The event photography in Dubai offers dedicated instant photo prints to all the guests so that they don’t only carry special time but have some memories as well.

So, are you looking for a dedicated and professional event photographer in Dubai or Kuwait? You can reach Musthafa photography to get the best clicks for any event.

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