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Have you been assigned a task to find a professional Corporate Portrait Photographer in Bahrain?
As a Bahrain corporate photographer I can help you throughout the entire process of creating great photographs, whether that is for the entire staff of a large company, a small enterprise, or for a single individual Business Photo. I advise on locations, help with logistics of arranging the shoot for Professional Headshots, work with your creative team, assist with arranging groups of people, and can guide you about how together we can produce best Profile Picture & top quality business portrait photography in Bahrain. As you can see, business portraits can be created in a variety of styles so that they match the character of your organisation and people.

# 01 Business Professional Headshot Photography: In Studio & Outdoor

CEO, Director, President Portrait / Head-shot photography

In Studio & Outdoor Photography in Bahrain

Do you want a photographer to come into your office in Bahrain and take a set of corporate portraits that everyone will be happy with? Would you like that process to be simple to arrange and for the business portrait photography session to run smoothly?

When I visit your office to create staff headshots or photos for you that’s exactly what will happen. All you need to do is give me a room to work in so that I can take pictures of each of your people that will make them look friendly, approachable and professional.

At the end of the session, you’ll have an office full of colleagues who actually enjoyed having their photo taken, additionally you’ll be satisfied with how well the day went.

#2 White Background

Portrait Photography Bahrain

Along with clean and clear visuals, a professional headshot on a white background is an ideal option for use on your website & social media. For a headshot, we implement a soft light source for our white background headshot photos. Based on the people’s liking towards studio portraiture with white background, studio photography can take the entire look to a next level specifically when it comes to corporate portraiture. Nothing can beat the visuals and presentation that white background offers for a headshot or portrait. Business firms corresponding headshots with a white background can tie perfectly to a website that results in easy manipulation. However, white backgrounds can eventually attract to the central subject form and outshine amongst all.

Undoubtedly, headshots with white backgrounds give an impeccable look. They are beneficial in every form such as altering the images with text, sizing, and new backgrounds. You can see my work here. Though I mostly use white backgrounds for his corporate and actor headshots. People love to hire him. Though, for headshot photography, make sure to have a great choice and keep it as your priority.

#3 Grey Background

Portrait Photography Bahrain

I am Mushtafa, your one-stop solution for all your professional portrait
headshots! Being a Portrait headshot photographer in Bahrain, I always
strive to elevate you and your brand by taking your expectations to the
next level.

Grey background is the trendiest color backdrop for a headshot. The major feature that defines it is- flexibility. Businesses can turn a backdrop to any color they want in no time. The Grey background color is simple and provides some contrast that allows the content to stand apart. Well, the motive is not to distract the user from consuming the content. However, it is a good choice and contrasts well with the portraiture & website design.

So, what are you waiting for? If you would like to schedule a perfect headshot session on grey background with me, land on my contact page and fill out the inquiry form so that I can send you my proposal for the service based on your needs.

#4 On Desk - Editorial

Editorial Photographer Bahrain

Editorial Style Photography for Upper-Level Management

If you’ve looking for a professional corporate portrait photographer Bahrain for your staff, the below tips will guide you with setting up the portrait session:

Half a day is usually enough to create portrait photos of up to 16 staff at your organization because that allows 10-15 minutes per person. By giving a bit more time to each person it means they can be more relaxed so that they get a company photo that they’re happy with because they won’t feel rushed. Up to 50 people can be photographed in one day.

Think about how your corporate portraits will work with your website and also your social media channels. Maybe you will may want a happy, relaxed image along with a more serious photo, depending on what you do and where the images will be published. Do your staff blog, speak at events, meet clients? These are important considerations, as a result you may need different photos for each scenario.

Warn your staff in advance because some people will be apprehensive and they may want to put some effort into how they look in their image.

#5 Portraits - During Event

Editorial Photography Bahrain

@ Arab Health 2022 Exhibition Event

You can have a standard company headshot against a plain white background if you like, however a better approach may be to try to show some of the character of your people and organisations. Consider the location where your company portraits are taken. You could use a studio, which may or may not work depending on staff logistics and numbers. If you have at relatively large room in your office, you could probably use that and set up a small studio quite easily. I can work with you to make the whole process run smoothly.

#6 Environmental Portrait

Headshots Bahrain

Photo-shoot in your space

I am well versed in creating editorial portraits for international magazines and works for corporate clients. Not only this, I even shoot brochure photography and produce headshots for websites and pitch documents. You will mostly find me working in collaboration with design and advertising agencies creating everything from billboard posters for advertising to book jackets.
I always strive to offer excellent headshot photography and I believe a grey background can provide a contrast that allows your image to shine. My professional headshots are tailored to your audience, and as a qualified portrait photographer, I promise to produce publishable images as per your precise need, weather its for website about page, Linkedin, CV, or your personal portfolio.

# 6 CEO Magazine Photography

Editorial Style Magazine Article Photography

Photography in Bahrain for Magazine Article - Editorial Style
Depending on your portrait requirements, I can spend between 2 to 3 hours on site. Within this time, we will take a quick survey of the offices and select a few good locations to take photos. We propose a variety of backgrounds to give variety to the portraits and we can use the offices as ambient backgrounds and also bring a plain white and black background. I can provide you guidance on posture and pose, suggesting when to smile and photographing, very wide range so you have plenty to choose from. We can edit the selection for you or send you all the images captured during the session. Also, when we shoot portraits, we can show you the results on the back of the digital camera so you can get a feel for what’s being done and it will give you confidence in front of the camera. Sometimes the client has a list of images they would like to use for a specific design or document, so we work together to find a shoot that will fit these needs.
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