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Corporate Events
Corporate event photography services for conferences, seminars, meetings, trade shows, exhibition, company celebrations and dinner parties in Dubai, Abu dhabi UAE & Kuwait
CBK Conference Event
Capturing creative imagery of your speakers, VIPs, and delegates while remaining unobtrusive and blending in amongst your representatives is a skill that few possess. The CBK event coverage gave me the opportunity to create dynamic natural images of those present at the banking conference, preventing those being photographed from feeling self-conscious and acting in an artificial manner.
Beats Trade Show Event
The Beats Trade Show is focused on building expertise, for expertise leads to excellent outcomes. I am a highly experienced Kuwait based professional corporate event photographer who has developed expertise in the field of methodically capturing every aspect of your event, with or without a brief. This means that excellent photographic results are achieved whether we’re shooting multi-day conventions or smaller trade shows. We have the professional skills and experience to make your event a success. In conjunction with other services including videography and on-site studios, we can help you leverage all opportunities for brand promotion and PR.
Bottega Veneta Fashion Exhibition Night Event
As every exhibition event is different, especially fashion exhibitions like the one held by Bottega Veneta, we offer complete flexibility in our approach to coverage of your event. My aim as an exhibition photographer is to provide an exceptional service that produces creative lifestyle images, capturing the very essence of your show.
Gucci Fashion Exhibition Event
Gucci is one of the best well-known brands around the world and is seen as the epitome of quality. To produce excellent event photographs, my focus is also on quality. I only use top-of-the-range cameras & equipment to ensure that the best possible shots are captured – after all, it’s your event and your brand, and only the best will do. It’s not just an exercise in marketing or meeting editorial guidelines – images will be produced from unique perspectives. You’ll have an array of photographs for all your future imaging needs – even ones you didn’t realize you needed!
Sports & Recreational Event
Capturing the feeling of an event is the key to effective sports photography. Our sports photography service covers indoor and outdoor events using the very best digital cameras and lenses to avoid the flash or any other lighting that can disturb the sports event or competitors. Our team includes top-notch pro photographers and we offer the option of on-site printing and all other related services to enable us to cover your event with professionalism and precision.
AUK Alumni Event
Corporate event photography is a highly specialist area that is often fast-paced and can require a great deal of planning with scheduling and risk assessments. For many events, including the AUK Alumni event, the images will form a huge part of the post-event experience for the participants and all who are involved in facilitating the event. You need a photographer with the skill and commitment to follow the entire event from start to finish.

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