Hiring a freelance architectural photographer in Dubai & Kuwait- All you Need to Know!

By Musthafa E. Khumanpur
Head Photographer

Freelancers are taking the world by storm. Whether it is any technical assignment or photography assignment professionals prefer freelance photographers. Specific needs like architectural photography are best met by the top freelance architectural photographer in Dubai. So, let us go through all the required details before partnering with any freelance architectural photographers.

Who are freelance architectural photographers?

Architectural photography is a dedicated field of professional photography that captures the best shots of the different architectural pieces, structures, etc., from different angles. Thus, many architects and interior designers go for architectural photographers who have expertise in handling such assignments. This work is entirely different from the photography that captures live objects like humans, wildlife, etc. Thus, the leading architectural photographers in Dubai handle all professional photography for multiple structures and locations.

The freelance architecture photographer in Dubai offers the best benefits to different architects and interior designers who require them for specific projects only. This not only reduces the undue financial burden but increases the chances of partnering with a professional photographer who is established in the same niche clicks. Needless to say, many businesses and individual professionals in the architectural business prefer to go for freelance photographers only.

Guide to hiring freelance architectural photographers in Dubai:

Welcome to Dubai that is a city housing multiple skyscrapers. Any business or individual professional may look to get the services of the top architecture photographers in Dubai. However, the roads are not clear for the first-timers who have the least or no knowledge of this photography line. So, the following is a quick guide to hire the top freelance architectural photographers in Dubai:

• Site condition:

Architecture pieces are enormous and hence require proper knowledge of the site location. The condition of the building is the main concern that depends on the completion of half completion of the site. Many times the site needs to be cleaned properly before taking the photographs. Thus, the site condition should be proper and well-conveyed to the freelance photographer well advance in time. It gives adequate time for the photographer to prepare for the shoot and arrange equipment accordingly.

• Site access:

Access to the site is the second most consideration while going for a freelance architectural photographer in Dubai. Many sites like government projects require dedicated permissions from the respective authorities before going for the photography of the location. Thus, any company or individual must take note of the necessary permissions for site access before hiring a freelance photographer for the site. Further, the absence of notification regarding access to the building and the security staff at the site may cause issues while entering the premises.

• Photography requirements:

Architecture photography serves different purposes. Many times it is for promotional purposes for different businesses while other times it is for selling or buying purposes. Thus, it becomes crucial to get deep into the photography requirements before hiring a freelance architectural photographer in Dubai. These requirements can be conveyed to the photographer and hence acts as the main point in deciding the perfect freelance architecture photographer for your requirements.

• Weather and lighting:

The weather conditions and the available lighting play an important role in getting quality clicks for any architecture piece. Thus, a freelance architectural photographer in Dubai first visits the place and understands the weather and lighting requirements of the location. The weather should be clear to avoid any issues in setting up or arranging the details. However, the weather conditions may not affect the interior photography.

• Pricing:

After having details of the site condition, location, weather, lighting, and other requirements, it all comes to the pricing. Thus, after going through all these points any person can shortlist a couple of freelance architectural photographers in Dubai. The pricing plans and other charges can be discussed at this point to find the best partner. Businesses and professionals go for freelancers to save their time and money. Different freelancers charge different amounts based on the duration and type of the architecture photography project.

So, are you looking for a dedicated freelance photographer in Dubai or Kuwait? You can reach Musthafa Photography to get the best architectural photography in Dubai or interior photography services in Dubai.

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