I believe that a precise image presents a story which everyone can relate to.

I love shooting interior, specially for ‘hospitality industry’. It’s amazing to see how each space gives different results in terms of light & color, it gives me an opportunity to challenge myself and to improvise. Along with on-ground experience, practice and most importantly, with the client’s spot-on need, I tend to work hard and use different techniques to get it right. It’s very crucial for me to understand the purpose of each shoot and its creative need, only then I will able to plan and deliver the right feel out of a photograph. At the end its all about making the client smile.


Prior to being a full-time photographer, I did experiment with a few other jobs, but I was always connected to the creative field. I started working as a graphic designer for a couple of years and then went into web design / social-media. This past experience in online & print media gives me an edge to understand my clients’ photography needs and its marketing usage.


Besides learning from online courses and attending various photography workshops, I have also completed BA in photography from the University of Hertfordshire, UK through online programme.


I’m excited to hear about your latest project, and would love to help bring your vision to life, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Mustafa E.K

Mobile: +965 50822812

E-mail: [email protected]